We are glad your interest in visiting the Messerschmitt Museum of Flight.

Please read these instructions carefully before you start your inquiry for 2018.

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The Messerschmitt Museum of Flight is located within the security area of Airbus Defense and Space in Manching and is therefore not open to the public. Visits are therefore only possible with restrictions.
The Messerschmitt Museum of Flight is generally closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public (German) holidays.
Once a month guided visits take place from 13:00pm to 15:00pm.
We offer 50 seats per visit.
The visit of the Messerschmitt Museum of Flight is free of charge!

The number of participants in your request is limited to a total of 5 persons.
We can support people with a walking disability on demand.
Photographing is allowed only in the Messerschmitt Museum of Flight, but not on the entire grounds of Airbus Defense and Space.
The museum is located in the safety zone of the test area of "Electromagnetic Compatibility Tests". Therefore, carriers of electronic body aids (e.g., pacemakers) can not participate in visits.
Children under 14 years are not allowed.

Please keep the name, first name, nationality, passport or ID number of all persons ready for your request.
For the day of the visit, an appropriate removal paper must be brought along.
Please note that only registered visitors are allowed to enter the site.
50 seats are available per visit. The request option will be disabled on our website, when all seats are booked.

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Please read the text before you start your inquiry for 2018

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Messerschmitt Museum of Flight